By Claudia Marquez, Contributing Writer,
Klee Irwin, Researcher,
and the Health Breakthroughs Staff

Increasing Fiber Intake Aids Weight Loss and Benefits Internal Cleansing

Fiber supplements help obese patients lose weight, study reveals.

Dual Action Cleanse can help you get a thinner coreWant to drop a few pounds without diet pills? Consider trading in your white sandwich bread for whole wheat. "Fiber first won its nutritional stripes because of its cholesterol-lowering effect. But now fiber's least-publicized benefit could be its most important," acknowledges Klee Irwin, Nutritional Expert and Formulator of Nutritional Supplements, such as Dual Action Cleanse. Generally associated with the unpopular subject of bowel activity, increasing your fiber intake by as little as 10 grams can also be useful in helping you lose weight. Fiber supplements can likewise help control weight. Indeed, these findings about all the special properties of fiber have led Klee Irwin to recommend the use of Fiber Compensator in conjunction with the Dual Action Cleanse system.

To lose excess fat and improve overall wellness, health experts, including Klee Irwin, recommend 21-38 grams of fiber every day, depending on your age and gender. That's approximately 4 slices of whole grain bread, 1 whole cup of broccoli, 3 medium apples and 1 bran muffin each day. Unfortunately, especially with today's busy schedules, many active adults find it difficult to consume the daily recommended amount of fiber. To meet the demands of today's hectic lifestyle, Klee Irwin has observed that it's a necessity for many people to use nutritional supplements to restore and maintain balance in their diets. That's why fiber supplements may be the solution for sliding into your "skinny jeans" after all.

The Easy Road Is Making You Fat

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions: An estimated 31% of the adult population in America is now overweight. Processed, nutrient-depleted foods, such as microwaveable meals, have replaced home-cooked recipes. Snack bars are chosen over fruit. Colas win out over water. These ready-made foods and beverages are stripped of their natural fiber and are typically higher in fat, calories, artificial chemicals and refined sugars.

"Some people argue that convenience foods are necessary within the confines of their busy, time-constrained schedules. Unfortunately, those hectic schedules leave millions of overweight adults," says an alarmed Klee Irwin. The public interest in products for internal cleansing, such as Dual Action Cleanse, can be seen as a means to compensate for the less than optimum food choices made while trying to keep in step with today's rapid paced lifestyle.

Science Supports Nature

Eating fiber-rich foods, such as whole grains, fruit and vegetables, will fill you up and make you feel fuller longer."Instead of making wholesale lifestyle changes, adults now have an easier option to help control weight. The secret is fiber," confirms Klee Irwin. Fiber exists only in plant-based foods and comes in two forms: soluble and insoluble. Both are equally valuable. Soluble fiber helps to slow digestion so that you feel fuller longer, while insoluble fiber moves waste out of your body before it becomes toxic. These unique qualities made the inclusion of fiber integral to the Dual Action Cleanse program, a system designed for internal cleansing.

Since fiber-rich foods, such as whole grains, fruit and vegetables, are more filling and metabolize slower, you are likely to eat less, and thus, your caloric intake will be decreased. Klee Irwin notes that recent studies on fiber's influence on weight loss could help anyone who wants to lose weight but doesn't want to experience the jitters or side effects that some diet pills produce. In one study, participants who added 14 grams of fiber to their usual diets consumed 10% fewer calories and lost an average of 4.2 pounds in less than four months (Howarth, 2001). Fiber supplements offer similar results, according to research. In another study, obese subjects who supplemented their diet with water-soluble fiber reported diminished hunger after only one week (Pasman, 1997).

Klee Irwin Tells You How To Choose the Right Fiber Formula

In response to growing demand for natural slimming methods, leading supplement companies now offer formulas that feature key fiber-rich plant extracts, such as Dual Action Diet Cleanse. If you want to lose weight naturally, these advanced dietary supplements can be a wise option. But beware: many fiber formulas contain only one source of fiber, such as oat fiber or flax seed. It's better to select a supplement with all of the following:

High-Quality Fiber Source
Considered a powerhouse by herbalists, psyllium husk is one of the 10 most recommended natural dietary supplements among those with blood sugar issues (Cicero, 2004). It offers a non-wheat fiber source and contains about 12 times more fiber than oat bran. How it helps: Psyllium can regulate glucose levels, which minimizes the potential for both the binge-eating and the fatty meal choices that are due to sudden hunger pangs. Psyllium Husk is a key ingredient in Fiber Compensator, a nutritional supplement Klee Irwin recommends to complement Dual Action Cleanse. Fiber Compensator optimizes the benefits of Dual Action Cleanse and internal cleansing.
Friendly Bacteria
A balanced level of intestinal flora is essential for dieters. Friendly bacteria help your body absorb key nutrients from food to feed your vital organs. This is very important when you are reducing calories. These good bacteria (probiotics) also promote regularity for less bloating. An optimal fiber supplement should contain friendly bacteria, such as Acidophilus and fructooligosaccharides (or FOS). Fiber Compensator, a nutritional enhancement to the Dual Action Cleanse system for internal cleansing, contains FOS.
Digestive Extracts
Green tea is just one of the ingredients found in Dual Action Cleanse.Look for a formula that contains calming plant enzymes. Certain botanicals can ease digestive discomfort and are especially useful when you cannot maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Slippery elm stands out for its soothing effect. Made from the bark of the slippery elm tree, this extract's antioxidant properties have been the subject of tests on those with inflammatory bowels (Langmead, 2002). Slippery Elm is a featured ingredient in both the Dual Action Cleanse and Fiber Compensator nutritional products.

Back to Basics

This society seems to make remarkable strides for the sake of preserving your most valuable resource: time. But, American waistlines are paying the price. Klee Irwin advises, "In a world full of shortcuts, magic bullets and overnight miracles, it's refreshing to discover that fiber — one of the basic staples of nutrition — may hold the answer to what so many seek through gadgets and artificial substances. Losing weight may be easier than you think: add whole grains, fruits, vegetables and a fiber supplement to your daily diet."

Klee Irwin's Nutrition Spotlight:

Fiber: A Dietary Life Preserver

Fiber may very well be the perfect nutrient. It is considered a power nutrient because it provides protection against many of today's biggest health threats, including cardiovascular disease. Fiber plays a starring role in digestion. Aside from keeping your intestines toxin-free, fiber promotes daily bowel movements, which prevents bloating and water retention. These functions aid weight management. "Fiber has a great synergistic effect on the whole body. It improves digestion and elimination as well as promotes a healthy metabolic process. That's why it's used in the Dual Action Cleanse, Dual Action Diet Cleanse and Fiber Compensator products," exalts Klee Irwin, a leading Nutritional Expert and Nutraceutical Formulator of many of today's leading nutritional supplements. You simply feel lighter when you're not carrying 20 pounds of waste in your gut. In at least one U.S. nursing home, fiber supplements have replaced laxatives for helping chronic constipation (Khaja, 2005). In addition to fiber-rich fruits and other foods, supplements can provide what you need.

Claudia Marquez is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles, California, who covers a wide variety of health, nutrition and fitness topics. She has produced several instructional videos on skincare, exercise equipment and nutritional supplements.